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Is Laser Hair Removal Good or Bad?

Laser Hair Removal

Getting rid of excess body hair can be stressful, time-consuming and pricey. It can get even harder if you’re using hair removal methods such as shaving where the hair grows back almost immediately. Laser hair removal is a safe, fast, and effective hair removal method that will allow you to stay for longer without worrying about unwanted hair.

Like most people, you may be worried if laser hair removal is good or bad. You are afraid of suffering from some of the side effects associated with laser hair removal. Here is all you need to know about the pros and cons of laser hair removal:

The Good

1. Long-term Results

Compared to other methods of hair removal, the laser method will allow you to stay longer before having the hair grow back. You’ll need several sessions to get maximum benefits of the process which includes getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. If the hair grows back at some point, it’ll be too light for anyone to notice and a simple 15-minute process will be enough to get rid of it.

If you are looking for a hair removal method that will save you from doing regular trips to the spa, go for laser hair removal.

2. Safe and Tolerable

Unlike other hair removal methods such as waxing that can lead to multiple side effects like ingrown hair, laser hair removal method is safe. If your skin is sensitive and cannot tolerate harsh hair removal procedures, go for laser hair removal.

3. You Can Use it in Almost All Parts of Your Body

Laser hair removal method is safe to use in almost all parts of your body. Your facial region, chest, back region, arms or even your legs, laser method will be a perfect fit. All you need is to get a good aesthetician to handle the process and you’ll have a guarantee of a successful hair removal process.

4. Affordable Long-Term

The initial cost of laser hair removal is higher compared to other methods of hair removal. However, considering that you’ll eventually get rid of excess hair permanently, the long-term cost will be lower. You’ll no longer have to set aside hair removal funds which will be a huge relief on your budget.

5. Fast Hair Removal Method

Laser hair removal is pretty fast which makes it quite convenient if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on hair removal. If you want the aesthetician to work on your lips, it could take a few minutes and an hour for an extensive part of your body like the back region. You’ll be able to schedule your hair removal process during your lunch break and go back to the office on time.

6. Little or No Side Effects

If you’ll be able to find a professional hair removal spa where the aesthetician has the knowledge, experience, and the right laser machine, the side effects will be minimal. There will be little or no pain and you’ll not be at risk of getting ingrown hair.

The Bad

1. Lengthy Procedure.

Before booking your first laser hair removal appointment, note that it is a lengthy process. You will need to attend multiple sessions that will be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. It is, therefore, important to make arrangements before the process begins so that you don’t miss any of your appointment.

2. High Initial Cost

Laser hair removal will cost a higher price compared to other hair removal methods. You’ll need to ensure that you don’t miss any of your hair removal appointments as you may end up losing the gains of your previous appointments.

3. Not Readily Available Like Other Hair Removal Methods

If you are looking for an aesthetician to carry out waxing hair removal or a waxing process, you’ll easily get the services from your local spa. For laser hair removal, however, not all spas can afford to buy laser hair removal machines considering that you need different types for the various skin and hair types. it could be a huge limitation if you do not know the spa that has laser machines or even the expertise to successfully carry out the process.

4. You Will Still Need Periodic Touchups

Though laser hair removal is considered as a permanent hair removal method, you’ll still need to go for touch-ups periodically. You’ll notice some light hair growing back after completing your sessions which means the method is not permanent.

Considering this comparison, laser hair removal is an amazing hair removal process if you make the right choices. It is also good to make adequate preparations such as shaving before your appointment to prevent laser burns. You also need to stay off the sun before going for laser hair removal to avoid getting sunburns.

If you are not sure that the spa has the right laser machine or the experience of the aesthetician, pay the spa a visit. Most professional aestheticians will be glad to share information about their training and their experience on the job. You’ll also get a chance to see some before and after photos of previous clients to know if the aesthetician is competent enough. If you are dissatisfied, you’ll have a chance to look for another hair removal spa.

The results from a laser hair removal process vary from person to person. Some people will get amazing results after a few sessions but in your case, you may need as many as 10 sessions to get the results that you want. The most important this is to keep your focus and remain consistent in attending your appointments. Missing an appointment means missing a chance to get rid of the hair that was in its growing phase at that time. You may also end up ruining the benefits of other previous appointments which will make the process more tedious and expensive as well.

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Laser hair removal is your to-go hair removal method if you want longer-lasting results. The side effects are minimal and the long-term cost is very low as well. Get in touch with your aesthetician today and schedule your laser hair removal appointment today. You’ll be glad you did!