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How a Handyman Can Make Your Home Age-Friendly

Age-Friendly Bathroom

After spending years working, investing, and doing what makes you happy, a time will come when you can no longer do these things. Like many people, you don’t want to even think of aging but this is inevitable. There will be a time when you will spend more days at home and if it is not age-friendly, you’ll have a hard time getting around.

Here are some amazing ways the handyman can help in making your home age-friendly:

Work on Your Doorways and Entryways

If your home has narrow doorways and entryways, you may need to widen it so that you can easily find your way around your home in the future. The handyman will handle the task of widening your doors which will not only make your home more accessible but also more spacious.

 Level the Raised Thresholds and Steps

To minimize the risk of tripping and falling when walking around your home, the handyman will level the raised threshold and step. It will allow you to walk freely when you are advanced in age even when no help is available. In case you will be using a wheelchair to help you get around the house, the level doorways and entry ways will make this possible.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is among the rooms you will need to access daily and making it more accessible is advisable. The handyman will install a new doorless, walk-in shower to replace the old shower. He can also install a bench in your bathroom and install an adjustable handheld showerhead. This way, you will be able to take your shower sitting on the bench when standing will be an uphill task.

Install Slip-Resistant Flooring

As you age, losing your balance when walking will be more common. To minimize the risks, however, the handyman will replace your current floor with a slip-resistant material.  If you find this too expensive, he can help you to carpet your rooms to make them more comfortable and minimize the risk of tripping.

The handyman will also work on the pavements around your home to ensure that they are safe as well. If there are trees branches hanging dangerously around your home, he will prune them or cut down the tree if it is the best option.

Work on Your Lighting

Regardless of your age, having a well-lit home is safer as the chances of tripping and falling will be minimal. The handyman will install overhead lighting in places where the current lighting is dim. If your home has a staircase, he will ensure that is well lit.

To reduce your energy consumption when you are no longer earning, the handyman will install windows and skylights. These will allow natural light in your home which will not only make it brighter but also boost your health.

You don’t have to struggle to find your way around your home simply because you are aging when all you need is some simple remodeling. The right handyman will go out of his way to ensure that even when alone at home, no task will be too difficult. He will make it possible to use your wheelchair if the need arises and carry on with life without depending on people.